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It’s in our name: Browne Mortgages + MORE, more means more! Did you know that we provide insurance services as well? Our team is equipped to help set you up and often at half the price of what the bank charges.

Bank insurance helps to protect the bank, not you. When you have bank mortgage insurance and you pass away, the loan may not be paid out to your beneficiary. Our insurance gets paid out to your loved ones. Maybe paying out the mortgage is not in your best interest and they need money to live off of in the short term while they are grieving. This gives options when you need them most.

The payout gets smaller with the bank, the premium stays the same.

As you pay down your mortgage, the coverage you have will decrease, because the mortgage gets paid out, no more, no less.

You get the amount you applied for with us. It doesn’t go down over time, your payment remains the same.

Reverse underwriting.

We give you peace of mind by underwriting your insurance before you make a claim, so we know you are approved. With the bank, they only underwrite and take a close look at your case once you file a claim. It’s then they may decide to not payout, at the very instance you need it most.

When you change lender or renew your mortgage, you might have to re-apply for mortgage insurance and guess what? Your premiums are going up. They become more costly each time and are subject to re-approval of terms. If your insurability changes at all, if you get cancer, have a heart attack etc then you are declined. You are already covered with our insurance and do not have to re-apply for the entirety of the mortgage or the term you are covered for.

What are you waiting for?

We’ve seen people of all ages mentioning that they don’t have life insurance in place.

It is a mystery to us why you must have home insurance in place to protect you from a disaster such as a fire or a flood but it is not the same for your life. We think that if you are going to insure your house against a disaster you should take the same approach with your life.

Life insurance, critical illness, or disability should be looked at with the same importance as your home. You should have insurance in place to protect yourself and your family. We would love to help.



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