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It’s no secret that the housing market has softened and with this comes an influx of new buyers. A lot of buyers will tend to go to their bank first to apply for a mortgage but this is quite often not the best option. Many borrowers end up with a higher interest rate or are turned away by the bank. This is something that Mackenzie at Browne Mortgage would like to see change.

“Often borrowers assume that they don’t qualify or won’t qualify for anything after talking to their bank. The best option is to talk to a mortgage broker! Some clients are surprised at what we can do and what their options are. We often work with our clients to find a solution such as adding a co-signer or increasing their down payment.” — Mackenzie

How can a mortgage broker help?

Unfortunately, it is a common occurrence for a borrower to be turned away by a traditional bank if they don’t fit into the lender’s guidelines. In a lot of these cases, the borrower can get a mortgage through a different lender. It’s simply a case of knowing the policies and where your client will fit.

“Unlike a lot of other brokerages, we have a team of six expert mortgage brokers who work together. Whenever we work through a more challenging file, we put our heads together to come up with the best solution for that client. We pride ourselves on being able to work through those difficult files that may have been previously declined by another lender.” — Mackenzie

More and more, borrowers are using mortgage brokers, specifically brokerages like Browne Mortgages for their mortgage solutions instead of going to a traditional bank.

“Because we are brokers, we don’t work for one specific bank and don’t have to work under one lender’s guidelines. We have so many options at our fingertips, and can often find a solution for any borrower. Our main goal is for the client to be happy and have as little stress as possible. At Browne Mortgages, we want to place you in the right solution and have you walk away feeling like you had a great experience.” — Mackenzie

Give us a call today to see how we could help you. Even if your bank has said no, there is always a way that we can help.



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